Atlantic City, NJ Electric Train Wreck, Oct 1906 - List of Dead

List of the Dead.

The identified are:

EMANUEL FREED, of New York, and actor, know as "Manny" Bernard, nephew of Sam Bernard.
Mrs. MARY BENCKERT, Philadelphia.
CLARENCE BENCKERT, 12 years old, a son.
W. L. CARTER, No. 921 Walnut street, Philadelphia.
Mrs. W. L. CARTER, his wife.
JAMES PAUL DEMPSEY, 330 Stevens street, Camden.
IDA DEMPSEY, his wife.
Mrs. WALTER BRADISH, Eastport, Me.
Mrs. CORA BIBBER BROWN, Eastport, Maine. Mrs. SELMA WOMFER, No. 318 Federal street, Camden. JAMES EAGAN, Atlantic City.
Mrs. LAURA LAWRENCE, Eleveth and Brandywine streets, Philadelphia. SAMUEL IFELL, 72 West Washington Lane, Germantown, Pa.
RACHEL IFELL, his wife.
WALTER SCOTT, Atlantic City.
Dr. ALVIN C. HUDDERS, Lyceum avenue and Mitchell street, Roxborough, Philadelphia.
Mrs. HUDDERS, wife of the physician.
Dr. PAUL FELSBERG, 1421 Girard avenue, Philadelphia.
Mrs. FRANCIS FELSBERG, his wife.
FRANK MONROE, Atlantic City.
EDDIE NIESSA, five years old, 2147 Sharswood street, Phildelphia. GERTRUDE HAYES, colored, Camden.
Mrs. EVELYN McELROY, 2029 Green street, Philadelphia.
OLIVA ZIMMERMAN, 454 North American street, Philadelphia.
B. FINKELSTEIN, Fourth and Pennsylvania avenue, Reading, Pa. Mrs. ELLA RITTENHOUSE, 60 years old, 2549 North Front street, Philadelphia.
ELLA MARY RITTENHOUSE, 19 year, a daughter.
ALBERT L. GETMAN, 1942 N. Fourth street, Philadelphia.
ALBERT KESSEL, a brother.
Mrs. W. H. STEWART, Wenonah, N. J.
MARTHA HEISCH, 1403 North Twenty-ninth street, Philadelphia.
FRANK MERWARD, 2208 South Bancroft street, Philadelphia.
CONSTANTINE C. VEORADO, 938 South Eighth street, Philadelphia.
GEORGE TURNER, colored, 249 Illinois avenue, Atlantic City.
THOMAS CULVENCE, Philadelphia.
CLIFFORD HARRIS, 17 years, colored, 1913 Turner street, Philadelphia.
SINCLAIR HARRIS, 15 years, a brother.
ROBERT BROWER, Fourth and Lehigh avenues, Philadelphia.
OLIVIA McELROY, 5 years, 2029 Green street, Philadelphia.
GEORGE WOMFER, 318 Federal street, Camden.
Mrs. ANNIE MILLER, Fourth and Lehigh avenues, Philadelphia.
JOHN KOBER, 3081 Martha street, Philadelphia.

Partially Identified.

Of the remaining bodies at the morgue, one was partially indentified as that of ARMAN ALEXIS TADESCO of New York, the fiance of Miss Heisch, who was killed. One other body in an undertaking establishment is that of an old key peddler whose name no one seems to know.

In addition to this, Joseph McElroy, three years old, son of Mrs. Evelyn McElroy, is known to have been drowned, as is H. N. Burch of 820 south Eighth street, Camden.

A pathetic case was the identification of Dr. Paul F. Felsberg of Philadelphia by his brother. From midnight until dawn the brother with friends pleaded with the police for admittance to the morgue, already satisfied from descriptions furnished by the officials that the physician and his wife, Frances, were among the dead. When the party were admitted they were prepared for the physician and his wife were in the morgue. One among the rows of bodies lying covered with sheets was the corpse of Eddie Niess, five years old, of Philadelphia. His father, Ernest, who escaped with his life, but lies injured at the house of his brother in this city. He could not go to the morgue, but his sister-in-law identified the body.

The State, Columbia, SC 30 Oct 1906