Atlantic City, NJ Electric Train Wreck, Oct 1906 - 44 Bodies Found


Few Have Yet Been Identified---23 Injured in the Wreck.

ATLANTIC CITY, Monday, Oct. 29.---1:45 A. M.---Nineteen more bodies from the train wreck have just been brought into the improvised morgue, and a diver who made a thorough inspection of the submerged cars said that at least thirty bodies were still in the cars. The total of dead recovered is now forty-four.

Here is a list of the known dead so far as it had been compiled at midnight, and of the injured:


ALBERTUS, CHARLES, Morristown, Penn.
ANGUEROSO, P., 638 Catherine Street, Philadelphia; member of the Royal Artillery Band.
BEADISHLY, Mrs. WALTER, Eastport, Me., sister of Manager George West of Hotel Walton, Philadelphia.
BONIVLO, VINCENZO, Philadelphia.
DAUGHERTY, JOHN, 2,239 Brandywine Street, Philadelphia; shock; sent home.
DE CERI, FRANK, 921 League Street, Philadelphia; contusions of the right thigh and elbow.
DEMPSEY, JAMES PAUL, and wife, Camden.
DE SACESENO, FRANK, member Royal Artillery Band.
DONELLI, VINCENTE, member Tosca's Royal Artillery Band.
EGAN, JAMES, 2,408 Pacific Street, Atlantic City.
FRIED, DAVID, of 1,227 Madison Avenue, New York.
FIEL, SAMUEL I., West Washington Lane, Philadelphia.
JOSEPH, H. B., Camden, injuries not specified.
LAWRENCE, Mrs. THEODORE, 1,018 Brandywine Street, Philadelphia.
MONROE, FRANK, and wife, Camden.
MAZELLE, PASQUALE, Philadelphia; member Royal Artillery Band. SCOTT, WALTER, motorman, of Atlantic City.
STEWART, W. H., Wenonah, N. J., no diagnosis.
WOMFER, Mrs. SELINA, 318 Federal Street, Camden.
WRIGHTMIER, W. A., head of construction department of the road on which the wreck occurred.
UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN, 30, with wedding ring marked "T. P. P. to I. N. G. Sam to Rachel; until death do us part." Two diamond and pearl rings also on hand. Dressed in black skirt, white waist, new shoes. Body at Crowley's Morgue.
UNIDENTIFIED OLD WOMAN, dressed in deep black.

The New York Times, New York, NY 29 Oct 1906