Atlantic City, NJ Electric Train Wreck, Oct 1906 - The Injured


McGEE, George, 2,510 North Thirty-first Street, Philadelphia; no diagnosis.
ORTINATO, John F., 914 South Eleventh Street, Philadelphia.
PHILLIPI, Freda, 708 Fitzwater Street, Philadelphia; lacerated jaw; discharged from hospital.
REESE, Albert, of 59 Archibald Street, Scranton, Penn.; no diagnosis.
SOLIMIO, Fredeno, 1,039 Ellsworth Street, Philadelphia; slight injuries; sent home.
VINCENT, _____; fractured skull; dying in Atlantic City Hospital.
KELLY, John E., Kerlin and Second Streets, Chester, Penn.; contusions of shoulder; sent home.
FONTAINI, Mazzaro, 824 Catherine Street, Philadelphia; scalp lacerated; sent home.
FORTUNATO, John, real estate and insurance broker, Philadelphia; injuries not specified.
BACON, John R., 2,550 Nassau Street, Philadelphia; slight injuries.
DEVILO, Joseph, manager of the Royal Artillery Band; severe injuries to head and ribs.
FANZEIN, Angelo, 720 South Clifton Street, Philadelphia; injuries not specified.
PETRON, Pascal, address unknown; laceration of hands; in Atlantic City Hospital.
DE VITE, Joseph, Philadelphia; contusion of right thigh and hemorrhage of ear; in Atlantic City Hospital.
MORGAN, Edward, Old Forge, Pen.; contusion of left hip and back; in Atlantic City Hospital.
TAYLOR, Andrew D., Camden; injuries not specified; in Atlantic City Hospital. NATALLEO, Oreste Roy, Philadelphia; contusion of right hip; in Atlantic City Hospital.
D'ANNIZO, Carl, Philadelphia; shock. Went home.
MASTRAGELO, Nicholas, Philadelphia; laceration of hands. Went home.
COLONA, Camillo Vita, Philadelphia; laceration of hands and face. Went home.
DUBELL, Ida, Florence, N. J.; shock; in Atlantic City Hospital.
TASCA, E.; leader of band; address not given; badly cut. Went home.

The New York Times, New York, NY 29 Oct 1906


The Injured

H. B. Joseph of Camden, mild shock (in hospital).
F. Rico Silimoni of Philadelphia, slight laceration (in hospital).
Angelo Fenzoni of Philadelphia, laceration on head and ear (in hospital).
Mazzero Fontonio of Philadelphia, laceration of scalp (in hospital).
Pasegall, Petron, no address, slight laceration of hands (in dispensary). John Fortundo of Philadelphia, slight shock (in hospital).
Cresti Roy Natalieo of Philadelphia, contusion of right hip (in hospital).
Frank Deseari of Philadelphia, contusion of right thigh and right elbow (in hospital).
Commillo Vita Colona of Philadelphia, laceration of hands and face (went home).
John Daughtery of Philadelphia was seriously injured. He broke his way thru a window and escaped after being in the water.
Joseph Develio, manager of Royal Artillery Band.
Oresterey Malielo of Philadelphia.
W. D. Taylor, electrician, Camden, N. J., severely injured.
W. H. Stewart of Wenoah, N. J.
David Freid of New York.
Mrs. Laura Laurence of Philadelphia. Mrs. Laurence's husband was rescued.

Of these it is believed most will die. They are suffering from broken limbs and other injuries.

The Fort Worth Telegram, Fort Worth, TX 29 Oct 1906