Atlantic City, NJ Electric Train Wreck, Oct 1906 - May Be 75 Dead


Recount of Tickets Show 14 More Were In Atlantic City Train.

Special to The New York Times.

ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., Oct 30.---An unofficial report from the Pennsylvania Railroad officials to-night indicates that the death list in the railroad accident on Sunday, when a electric train fell from a bridge over the Thoroughfare, will reach at least seventy-five.

The second of the three cars was raised this afternoon, and it is probable that before morning the last one will be entirely out of the water. The bodies of Mrs. PAUL FELSBURG, Mrs. SELINA JOHNSON, and Mrs. SARAH MILLER were recovered from under the third car.

A graphic account of what occurred in the third car when it toppled into the water was obtained to-night from John H. Eades, a negro, and one of the passengers.

"When the car went over," he said, "we were all tumbled from our seats. The next thing I knew after the sensation of falling through space, was when I found myself clinging to the coat railing near the top of the car. There were eight or ten people around me, screaming, groaning, and praying. A well dressed woman and her husband were next to me. She was praying, and I can never forget his words of encouragement as he tried to keep her head above water.

" 'Don't struggle, dear, keep up your courage and somebody will help us out,' he repeated over and over again as he struggled to keep afloat. There wasn't much more than room for my head between the surface of the water and the roof of the car when I thought of the windows, and, diving, got through one. The conductor shoved a piece of plank to me when I came to the surface and saved my life."

Out of the twenty members of the Royal Artillery Band, who occupied seats in the rear coach, it was definitely established to-night that three were killed and eleven injured.

The New York Times, New York, NY 31 Oct 1906