Newark, NJ Killed by Electric Wires, Jul 1911

Killed At Top Of A Pole.

Newark Lineman’s Body Tumbles to Street In View of Hundreds.

Floyd Sexton, 36 years old, a telegraph lineman of Newark, was instantly killed yesterday afternoon by contact with a live electric light wire on a pole at the corner of Mulberry and Green Streets, that city. Hundreds of persons saw Sexton’s body fall from the pole.

Sexton had been employed for nearly twenty years by the Newark District Telegraph. About 4:30 o’clock yesterday afternoon there were several loud thunderclaps that put some of the company’s lines out of order. On the pole at Green and Mulberry streets a fuse was blown out of a transformer that connects the burglar alarm in the telegraph office with private residences in the southern part of the city.

Daniel McNamara, a lineman, was sent out to investigate the trouble. He found that the telegraph wires were burning. He reported the matter to the main office, saying that as he had no spurs with him at the time he was unable to climb the pole to make the repair, and left work to have Sexton to do it. The pole is known to linemen as a dangerous one because of the fact that electric light and telegraph wires are strung on it.

When Sexton got among the network of wires he carefully picked his way through them until he reached the top of the pole where the telegraph wire was burning. He was next seen to lurch to one side and fall on a feed wire. There was a puff of smoke, and an instant later Sexton’s body was falling through the air. He struck the pavement head first. A score or more of persons ran to where his body lay. Sexton is survived by a widow and two small children.

The New York Times, New York, NY 5 Jul 1911