Newark, NJ Chemical Plant Explosion, Feb 1971


Newark, N.J. (AP) -- An explosion which shook a 27-block area and shattered windows for miles around ripped through a chemical plant early today. Three persons were missing. Four others sustained minor injuries.
Among the three missing was WALTER GILEWICZ of Irvington, N. J., owner of the Radon Chemical Corp., where the blast occurred.
The company foreman said GILEWICZ and two employes, MARK MARCIANICK and GENE SOWUL, both of Jersey City, were believed to have been in the plant at the time of the blast.
Police said the cause of the explosion had not been determined.
The plant's two brick buildings were destroyed. The firm manufactures chemicals used in making penicillin.
Four persons from homes adjacent to the chemical company were taken to St. James Hospital for treatment and were released. They suffered shock and cuts.

Big Spring Daily Herald Texas 1971-02-10