Barnegat Light, NJ Schooner - Freighter Collision, Jun 1928

June 23, Sergeant James Sullivan, radio
operator at Police Headquarters.
picked out of the air early this morning
a message telling of a collision
between the freighter Lake Ellithorpe
and an unknown schooner off Barnegat
This was the message that came
into Police Headquarters:
"Steamship Lake Ellithorpe, Newtex
Line, passing Barnegat Light,
N. J., collided with an unknown
schooner. Unable to locate schooner.
Unable to ascertain anything furthci
Proceeded on voyage."
When the report of the collision
reached the local Coast Guard officials
all available Coast Guard
craft were ordered o the scene of the
One report circulated that the
schooner had gone down with all
hands aboard. The - headquarters
radio operator said that the message
did not contain this explicit Information
nor did it go any further
than to say th?.f. t^e T.i-V? Fllifhorpe
had been una'ulc to locate the
schooner after the collision.
A fine drizzle and dark skies prevailed
over lower New York in the
early morning and reports from the
lower bay and the New Jersey coast
were to the effect that weather inclined
to hamper visibility was to be
met tliore.
No indication of the identity of the
schooner was available after the collision.
Tho Lake Ellithorpe, a United
States Shipping Bonrd vessel, operated
by the Newtex Line, arrived
in New York from Boston on Friday.
It was outward bound at the
time of the crash.
The Lake Ellithorpe was built in
1919 by the GFeat Lakes Engine
Works of Ecbrse, Mich. It has a
gross tonnage of 2,674 tons. It' is
an oil burning vessei and is equipped
with wireless.
June 24 edition, New York Times