Camden, NJ Spruce Street Wharf Drowning Rescue, May 1911


Charles Franks, 11 years old, of 1023 Francis street, and Ellis Mattheys, 8 years old, of 127 Mount Vernon street, were saved from drowning at the Spruce street wharf, Camden, yesterday, by a man who refused to divulge his identity. The boys were in swimming, Matthews plunged into deep water and Franks, soon seeing he was in difficulty, without hesitancy, went after him.

Franks was grasped about the throat in a death grip. He was fast weakening and both boys had disappeared when the real hero of the occasion leaped to their assistance. He succeeded in getting them out, though himself almost exhausted. Recovering, he left without letting any one know who he was.

Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 21 May 1911