Lakewood, NJ Motorcycle Hits Crowd, Jul 1934

1 Killed, 10 Hurt as Motorcycle Hits Crowd In Stunt to Amuse 300 Leaving Church

LAKEWOOD, N. J., July 31 —
While a crowd of more than 300
persons were coming out of the
Holmansvillt Church on the New
Egypt Road five miles west of
here, most of them were watching
two motorcyclists perform at
high speed apparently for their edification,
one of the motorcycles got
out of control and plowed into the
crowd, killing an 80-year-old man
and severely injuring nine others.
The driver of the second motorcycle
- who already had passed by
when the accident occurred - returned
soon afterward unaware of
the tragedy and crashed into one
of the automobiles taking an injured
girl to the hospital. He was
catapulted over the automobile and
suffered a fractured leg, bringing
the total number of injured to ten.
The dead man was John W. Johnson,
80, of R.F.D. 2, Lakewood.
He was the father of George Johnson,
Township Committeeman. His
son, who was in the crowd and
witnessed the fatality, made a vain
effort to drag Mr. Johnson out of
range of the oncoming motorcycle,
but when it struck they were torn
apart and the elderly man's leg
was amputated by the impact.
The motorcycle continued through
the panic-stricken crowd, completely
out of control, and described
arcs - first to one side and then to
the other with its motor crackling
wildly. The victims fell before it
as though mowed down by machine-
gun fire, all of them suffering
fractured legs.

Aug. 1, 1934 edition of The New York Times