Elizabeth, NJ Train Accident, Aug 1906


Boys Struck While Crossing Bridge at Elizabeth, N. J.

Two bodies fell into street

Lads were returning from base ball game and did not hear the train. Father of one collapses on hearing of it.

Elizabeth, N. J., Aug. 14. -- Four boys, all under 9 years of age, were struck and killed by a Pennsylvania railroad train while walking across the railroad bridge over Broad street in this city. The bodies of two of them fell into the crowded street amidst a number of women shoppers, several of whom fainted.

The boys killed were: Lloyd Griffin and his brother, Walter, of this city; their cousin, Willie Griffin, a son of Michael Griffin, of Wilkes-Barre, Pa., and Raymond Druburt, of this city. Willie Griffin was visiting his cousins. The little party had been watching a base ball game, and were returning home by way of the tracks. The apparently neither saw nor heard the train, which was an express. The parents of Willie Griffin arrived here from Wilkes-Barre. They had decided to make their home here, and had sent the lad to his uncle. Mr. Griffin collapsed on hearing of his son's death and is in a critical condition.

The News, Frederick, MD 14 Aug 1906