Collingswood, NJ Horse Accident, Jul 1898


Fatal Accident to Charles F. Ware Well-Known Camden Business Man

Charles F. Ware, a well-known business man, of Camden, president of the Ware Manufacturing Company, died at his home in Collingwood, on Friday night, as the result of an accident. Mr. Ware took almost daily drives after business hours. On Thursday evening a spirited colt he was driving took fright at a group of cyclers' lamps on the Collingswood road. The colt made a sudden spring and collided with a market wagon driven by a colored man.

Mr. Ware was thrown headlong from his carriage. He was picked up in an unconscious condition and taken into his home. His head was badly cut, his shoulder blade and three ribs were broken and the carriage shaft had penetrated on lung.

By a strange coincidence Mr. Ware's son, who was associated with him in business, was brought home from Atlantic City on Friday, apparently in a dying condition.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 17 Jul 1898