Burlington, NJ Boy Falls from Boat and Drowns in Assiscunk Creek, May 1913


Six-Year-Old Albert Smith, of Burlington.  Shows No Marks of Foul Play

Special to the Inquirer.

BURLINGTON, N. J., May 13. -- Discovery of the body of 6-year-old Albert Smith, in Assiscunk Creek, this afternoon, solved the mystery of the boy's strange disappearance last Friday afternoon and the subsequent futile search, with its hinds of kidnapping and foul play, that has gripped the interest and sympathies of the empire State.

The body was found a few feet from shore off the Severns' lumber yards by Hartley Severns and George Errickson.  Grappling patties had dragged their lines over the same spot many times in the last three days and police had given up the search.  The body was found just as employes in nearby shops were returning to work after the noon hour.  The news spread among the crows and so intensely has the mystery of the missing school boy gripped the city that in five minutes nearly a thousand people were lining the banks of the creek.

Among the first to reach the spot was the boy's father, Alfred Smith. He wept when told his son had been found drowned, but the tears were partly of relief from the terrible suspense of the last few days.  Mrs. Smith, too, although she has been on the verge of a nervous collapse, accepted the news with remarkable composure.

The body of the drowned boy was taken to the undertaking establishment of William W. Slack and examined by police this afternoon, but no marks that would indicated other than that he had fallen from the boat and drowned were discovered.  Coroner Leconey, of Delancol was summoned by Mayor Mount and is arranging for an inquest.

Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 14 May 1913