6 Killed, 9 Hurt in Atlantic City Bathhouse As Two Water Tanks Topple Through Roof

— Two huge water tanks, toppling
without warning from their supports
above the building, crashed
through the roof of the Florida
Avenue Baths this afternoon while
nearly a score of persons were below.
At least six persons are known
to have been killed and firemen
were cutting into the ruins last
night with blowtorches, axes and
crowbars to see if there were any
more bodies in the wreckage. Nine
persons are known to have been
injured. Four others, all men, managed
to escape when the rush of
water as the tanks shifted position
warned them that something was
The two tanks, each of 20,000 gallons
capacity, ripped through the
two-story building, situated on the
Boardwalk, south of the Convention
Auditorium, to the ground floor,
carrying partitions and flooring
with them.
Why the supports gave way was
not learned, but Mayor Thomas D.
Taggart Jr. promised an extensive
investigation. Scores of passersby
on the Boardwalk, many of them
Labor Day vacationists, heard the
By the time firemen and the police
had arrived, several hundred
persons had gathered in a parking
lot at the rear of the building and
were trying with their hands and
makeshift levers to pry away
enough wreckage to extricate victims.

Sept. 1, 1940 edition of "The New York Times"