Haledon, NJ Storm Causes Ice House Collapse, Nov 1900

Man Killed in Paterson, N J

Paterson, N J Nov 22 -- A strong gale blowing out of the west hit Paterson yesterday afternoon and caused the collapse of the new buildings in course of erection for the Yantacaw Ice company a mile from Haledon and the death of one man and severe injury to five others. All the victims were carpenters and were in the employ of William T. Gutherson who was erecting the icehouses.

The Trenton Times, Trenton, NJ 22 Nov 1900


Killed by Building Collapse.
Paterson, N. J., Nov. 22. -- During a heavy gale yesterday afternoon five ice houses in the course of construction at Halledon, near this city, were blown down. One man was killed and three injured. The dead man was James Spear, 45 years old, of Paterson.

The News, Frederick, MD 22 Nov 1900