Graceland, NJ Train Wreck, Jan 1903

HAROLD W. TOMLINSON, No. 35 Vernon Avenue, South Plainfield, N.J.
CRAIG WALDRON, No. 42 West Fourth Street, Plainfield, N.J.
EDGAR W. WILLIAMS, thirty-eight yeras old, lawyer, at No. 135 Broadway, New York; home, Plainfield, N.J.
H. W. WILLIAMS, No. 346 East Sixth Street, Plainfield, N.J.
Three unidentified bodies at the Morgue in Plainfield.
The List Of Missing:
HENRY CUMMINGS, Plainfield, N.J.; brother of Thomas Cummings, who was killed.
CHARLES S. DALLEY, Insurance broker, Whitehouse, N.J.
MAMIE MAHAN, No. 187 Martine Avenue, Plainfield, N.J.
FRANK MASTLOT, Plainfield, N.J.
The List Of Injured:
ROY M. APGAR, Plainfield; severely injured about head.
LIZZIE ARTHUR, Plainfield, N.J.; badly burned.
MRS. ADELAIDE BALCH, Watchung Avenue, Plainfield; both legs broken and body crushed.
MRS. ANNA BELCH, Westfield, N.J.; fracture both arms and right leg; internal injuries; may die.
ROY BRADFORD, Park Avenue, Plainfield, N.J.; injured on face and head.
E. M. BROKAW, Plainfield; slightly cut on head.
MISS CORA BROKAW, daughter of E. M. Brokaw; slightly injured.
W. E. BESSLER, Plainfield.
ALBERT E. CASE, Somerville, N.J.; lacerations on hands and body.
MISS FANNIE CANOVAN, Mauch Chunk Avenue, Plainfield, N.J.; body and face badly cut.
RICHARD CLARK, Plainfield; compound fracture leg and fracture other thigh.
MRS. D. CUMMINGS, Plainfield; injuries to head and body.
GEORGE CHANDLER, Plainfield; spine injured.
JAMES F. CLARK, Philadelphia, seriously hurt about head and body.
IDA B. CLARK, Plainfield.
CARRIE CRAWFORD, twenty-two, Linden Avenue, Plainfield; injured internally.
MISS LIZZIE CULVER, Bradford Avenue, Plainfield; severe scalp wounds.
W. E. DAVIS, Philadelphia, engineer of Philadelphia flyer; will die.
W. H. DARIN, Plainfield; body crushed.
WILLIAM DUNN, Plainfield; right leg broken, face cut.
CARL DUNHAM, Lincoln, N.J.; leg cut.
MILDRED EVERETT, Plainfield; injured internally.
MISS GRACE EVERETT, No. 242 Somerset Street, Plainfield; concussion of brain, unconscious.
J. E. EVERETT, Park Avenue, Plainfield; dying in Muhlenberg Hospital.
J. H. FREEMAN, Plainfield; so badly injured about head and body that he cannot recover.
GEORGE FORCE, Plainfield; cut about head.
GEORGE FORD, twenty-three years old, Plainfield; leg broken.
WILSON FREDERICK, Dunellen; scalded about body.
U. S. FREDERICKS, Plainfield, N.J.; burns on body; will die.
WILLIAM GEDDES, Dunellen; both legs broken.
HOWARD A. GEORGE, compound fracture of leg, scalp injured.
EDGAR GEORGE, brother of Howard; slightly injured.
K. R. HAMPTON, 137 West Eighty-third Street, New York; bruised and scalded.
HARRY HANN, Plainfield; scalded.
MRS. LOUIS HARRIS, Montclair; cut and bruised.
MISS HARRIS, face cut; taken with her mother to Elizabeth; thence home.
E. MAXWELL HONEYMAN, Plainfield; sprain from jumping and cuts.
R. M. ISING, Westfield, N.J.; gashes in head and body; will die.
PERCY IRVING, Dunellen; legs crushed.
R. JOYCE, Craig Place, Plainfield; leg broken.
MISS LIZZIE KELLER, Plainfield; scalp torn off.

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