Asbury Park, NJ Steam Engine Accident, Jul 1880

Scared Almost to Death.

At Asbury Park, N. J., a new $4,000 steam engine recently purchased was ordered out for trail. Engineer Bartine Greene, trying one of the steam-cocks, found there was but little water in it, and hurriedly turned on the pump-tank, but it would not admit water into the boiler. Thoroughly frightened, he forsook the engine, returned, and made frantic efforts to turn the pump. The boiler seemed at white hear, and now thoroughly convinced that an explosion must take place, he fled. After running forty yards he fell down in a swoon, and from 6:30 at night until 10 the next morning was unconscious. When out of the swoon his first words were: "Pull the valve." His condition is precarious. The engine is almost a total wreck.

The Stevens Point Journal, Stevens Point, WI 31 July 1880