Bordentown, NJ Bus And Truck In Collision, Sep 1952


Bordentown, N. J. (AP) -- A night express bus running from New York to Washington collided with the rear of a truck Saturday on the New Jersey turnpike, injuring all 41 aboard as well as two in the truck.
State police said the bus left the road after the collision and rolled down a 10-foot embankment and into a field. The front of the bus was rammed back to the third row of seats.
Twenty-two of the injured were hospitalized and at least one was listed as very critical.
The Pennsylvania Greyhound was rolling along the turnpike five miles south of here.
"Everybody seemed to be asleep but me," GILBERT TABLER, 35, Mannington, W. Va., said.
"I was dozing off and my wife, GLADYS, was asleep in the seat by my side."
"The first thing I knew there was a terrible crash. My wife and I were thrown against the seats in front of us. Glass shattered all around. People screamed. Passengers tumbled into the aisle."
"I opened an emergency door in the center of the bus and most of the passengers able to walk got out of it."
The TABLERS were treated for cuts and bruises at Burlington County hospital, Mt. Holly, and released.
The bus driver, JOSEPH W. FOX, Philadelphia, as a result of his injuries was not in condition to tell police what happened.

Cedar Rapids Gazette Iowa 1952-09-06