Cape May, NJ Hotel Mount Vernon Fire, Sep 1856

Drawing Of Hotel Ablaze Postcard of the Mount Vernon Hotel


Philadelphia, Sept. 6.
Mount Vernon Hotel at Cape Island was wholly destroyed by fire last night.
ANDREW CANE, the lessee, with three of his children and MRS. ALBERTSON perished in the flames, others saved themselves by leaping from the windows.

Lafayette County Herald Shullsburg Wisconsin 1856-09-18



From the NYTimes article(s) from September 8 and 9, 1856, the Leasee was Philip Cain, Sr, age 65. Deceased were himself and his children: Andrew Cain, age 20; Martha, age 17; Philip Jr., age 18; Martha age 16; and Sarah age 18; also Mrs. Anna Albertson, (housekeeper) age 35. All of Vincentown, NJ, where Mr. Cain Sr. was survived by a wife and two young children, and a married son and a daughter. An Irish domestic was held but released due to lack of evidence. Arson was suspected.