Elizabeth, NJ Train Wreck, Apr 1904

The engine struck the rear Pullman, the England, tearing its way through the coach almost to the forward end. The car was split in half and the parts fell to either side of the track. No one except a porter was in the car when the accident occurred, and though some of the passengers in the forward coaches received a severe shaking up, the injured were on the two forward cars of the Long Branch Express.

Dead: DAVID LETTS, fireman of the Long Branch Express; body taken to the Elizabeth morgue.

Injured: The REV. MR. KELLEY, Asbury Park; concussion of the brain and internal injuries; taken to the Elizabeth General Hospital.
MRS. W. E. ARMSTRONG, Long Branch, shock.
THOMAS BEATTY, Long Branch, cut by glass.
MRS. E. H. BENNETT, East Orange; back sprained.
B. T. BENSON, 30 Wall Street, New York City; teeth knocked out.
MRS. E. BLANCHARD, 280 Macon street, Brooklyn; back sprained.
MRS. RICHARD BOTTIGHEIMER, 22 Lafayette avenue, Brooklyn; nose broken.
JAMES B. BROWN, Asbury Park; leg broken.
MRS. W. L. CRAIG, Asbury Park; scalp wounds and cuts.
GEORGE L. CRANE, Long Branch; face cut.
JOHN F. FONTHAM, 58 West Ninety-ninth street, New York City; shock.
MRS. EMMA FERGUESON, Newark; sprains.
H. O. GOLDSMITH, Wall Street Information Bureau; chest wounds.
G. GUNING, Asbury Park; nose and face wounds.
MRS. MARGARET GARRETSON, Asbury Park; teeth knocked out and face cut.
J. A. JONES, Birdsville; leg broken.
WALTER HALL, Red Bank; sprains.
MISS L. A. LANE, Ocean Grove; sprains.
P. M. LAYMAN, New York City; side sprains.
J. W. LAUGHLIN, Belmar; head and face cut.
MRS. ALICE MUMMA, Harrisburg, Pa.; sprains.
MRS. A. M. McCRAIG, Eatontown; shock.
MRS. JOHN G. SEXTON, Long Branch; spine injured.
MRS. SADIE SMITH, 338 East Fifty-eighth street, New York City; mouth cut.
D. R. VAN BRUNT, West Spring Lake, N. J.; sprains.
MISS B. M. WEBER, Asbury Park, N. J.; face cut.
W. H. WHITELY, 57 Morton street, New York City; head cut.
MRS. CLARENCE WHITING, Red Bank; nose broken.

The Cranbury Press New Jersey 1904-04-29