Pettys Island, NJ drownings, Jul 1911


Two Victims Meet Death Near Petty's Island


A swim in treacherous waters was responsible yesterday for the loss of the lives of three Philadelphians. All had gone in swimming in places unknown to them and suddenly found themselves beyond their depths. Two of the fatalities occurred near Petty's Island in the Delaware River, opposite the city, and was the tragic ending of a day that had been planned for pleasure. The other accident, of a similar character, was at Augustine Pier. The victim was also one of a party on a day's outing.

The dead are Peter Flynn, 19 years old, of 1131 O'Neill street, and Frank McDevitt, 17 years old, of Richmond and Shackamaxon streets, drowned at Petty's Island, and Frank Clouson, of 112 Calumet street. The bodies of all three were recovered. Leaving Allegheny avenue wharf at 7 A. M. yesterday morning in company with Joseph Crystal, 17 years old, of 115 Bainbridge street, and Author Morris, 19 years old, of 110 Pollard street, Flynn and McDevitt embarked in a boat they had hired.

The four rowed about for several hours, and when Flynn and McDevitt claimed that they were tired and that exposure to the sun was weakening thime it was decided that a stop would be made at Petty's Island in order to permit of the two taking a rest. Crystal and Morris decided to continue rowing over to the New Jersey side. They returned to the island about 3 o'clock to pick up the companions left there and make the return trip to the Pennsylvania side.

Find Clothes on Shore

When the young men reached the spot where they had departed from their friends, Flynn and McDevitt could not be seen anywhere. Believing that their companions had decided to seek rest in some shady spot, a search of the island for them was determined upon. The boat was pulled up upon the beach and Crystal and Morriss started their hunt.

[remainder of article illegible]

The Philadelphia Inquirier, Philadelphia, PA 17 Jul 1911