Alamogordo, NM B-47 Bomber Crashes, Dec 1965


Alamogordo, Dec. 30. (AP) --The pilots killed in an Air Force B47 jet airplane crash yesterday were aerospace research pilots who had been in New Mexico only a few hours before they died in the flaming wreckage.
Capt. JAMES McINTYRE, 31, the pilot, and Maj. LOREN R. BROOKS, JR., 38, the co-pilot were killed as their four-jet modified bomber lifted off a Holloman Air Force Base runway and crashed just beyond the runway concrete.
A team of officers was working through the wreckage in an attempt to determine the cause of the crash.
A base spokesman said the B47 had gained only a little altitude when it crashed. He said the plane was carrying a full load of fuel and it wouldn't take much of an impact for the aircraft to catch fire.
There apparently was no indication of trouble before the crash, the spokesman said.
The pilots, assigned to the bomber operations of the Aeronautical Systems Division at Wright-Patterson AF Base, Ohio, had arrived at Holloman from their home base at 10 a.m. and were setting out on their first missioin about three hours later when the plane crashed.
The B47 was being used for radar target purposes in a project involving F106 jet fighter-bomber planes, the spokesman said. He said he could not elaborate on the project. BROOKS and McINTYRE were to have returned to Ohio today.
BROOKS' survivors include his widow, the former Marilyn Kick of Canby, Minn.; three children, and parents, Lt. Col. (ret.) and Mrs. Loren R. Brooks, Sr., of New Orleans.
McINTYRE'S survivors include his widow, the former Patricia Wells of Sedalia, Mo., and a daughter.

Albuquerque Tribune New Mexico 1965-12-30


I was one of two ground crew members

I was one of two ground crew members. We landed and refueled the aircraft and the pilots came back and climbed in, and I went up the ladder to hand them the paper work and fuel log. I thought about going with them but from my seat on the stairs I would not be able to see anything, so I decided to stay and wait. From where I was I couldn't see the full takeoff but I saw the initial roll and then a few seconds later the fire and smoke. I and the other crewman started to run and very shortly a truck came by and picked us up. We were at the crash site right along with the crash crew. I will leave off the rest of the description, But I still see it when things remind me of that day. My dress uniform was on the plane and the only thing they found from it was the pocket and my crew wings, bent by the heat, I still have them. I still keep the news clips for Brooks and McIntyre and take them out and think about that day.

B47 crash at Holloman AFB 1965


I'm the surviving son of one of the accident pilots. If you are able to contact me, I would love to talk with you.

Thank you,

Randy Brooks
(480) 466-5908

B-47 Crash at Holloman AFB 1965

David Wallace.. I was there with you. I remember seeing it and then our F-106, 59-0165 turned around and mission cancelled..

B47 crash

I was there at that time. We did some testing on some of the hydraulic valves from the plane. Strange feelings now. I remember going out to the Flightline and looking at it. We had never seen one there before. I remember looking out from outside our shop and looking in the direction of the crash. Sad day.

B47 crash at Holloman AFB 1965

I watched that plane takeoff and stall above the end of the runway. It pitched up and fell off to the left wing, before being lost in a giant fireball. I will never forget those few seconds. I was a F106 fighter crew chief and one of our interceptors was waiting to take off, after the B47 to perform the radar intercept mission. Needless to say our fighter 59-0165 returned to the hanger and the mission was cancelled. It is hard to believe that it was forty eight years ago.