New York, NY Automobile Accident, Jul 1912


Former Hotel Man Hastens Child to Hospital, Where She Is Found to Be Fatally Hurt.

NEW YORK, July 2.----The big touring car of W. E. D. Stokes, former proprietor of the Hotel Ansonia and recently the victim of a shooting by Lillian Graham and Ethel Conrad, struck Alma Benson, a fifteen-year-old girl of Bayonne, N. J., at the intersection of Broadway and Sixteenth street and probably fatally injured her on Sunday.

In the car besides Mr. Stokes was his wife and another lady. Under orders from Policeman O'Brien, who picked the child up, Mr. Stokes placed her in his car and drove with all possible speed to a hospital, and in less than three minutes after the accident occurred the little grill was on the operating table. It was discovered that one of her hips was shattered, both arms were broken, her collarbone was fractured, and she was injured internally.

Grand Rapids Tribune, Grand Rapids, WI 19 Jul 1912