New York, NY Metal Bed Co Fire, Jan 1909


Metal Bed Company Plant Also Destroyed.

Fire starting in the airshaft at 827 Broadway about 2 P M yesterday caused a loss approximating $25,000, and blocked traffic for an hour. About fifty girls employed in the building were considerably alarmed, but all were taken to the street in safety.

Augusta Siegel, a bookkeeper of the Harris Raincoat Company and her assistant, Annie Sussman, did not leave their posts until ledgers, books, and papers had been put in the safe. Then they locked it and made their way to the street just as the firemen arrived.

Stationed in front of the building, Water Tower 2, with two streams from the high-pressure mains, did effective work. Firemen with other lines went to the adjoining buildings to fight the flames, while thousands from the near-by streets watched them.

Flames in a two-story brick building of the Smith Metal Bed Company, which is in the middle of the block bounded by Eleventh and Twelfth Avenues and Forty-third and Forty-fourth Streets, with business buildings all around it, drove the occupants out of the adjacent buildings yesterday afternoon, although the flames were confined to the Smith structure.

Chief Croker placed the loss at about $20,000, but the officers of the Smith company said the damage to the building was $5,000 and that stock worth $75,000 was ruined.

The New York Times, New York, NY 20 Jan 1909