New York, NY Tanker BETA Explosion, Nov 1927

Two Missing After Blast Rips Tanker

New York, Nov. 11 (AP).-The tanker Beta, her bow ripped open by an explosion, two of her crew missing and another badly burned, was making a hazardous way to this port Friday night convoyed by a half dozen ships.

Thirty-three miles from New York and “down by the head” then tanker was in such a condition that “anything might happen,” her owners, Walker & Daly, said. A coast guard cutter acted as convoy in case the still smoldering fire in the Beta’s hold should bring new disaster.

An S O S call Friday sent revenue cutters and other ships hurrying to the aid of the tanker which reported by wireless that she was afire ten miles off Barnegat after an explosion which had wrecked the ship’s bow.

The steamers Hannawa and Vaarili sped to her aid and within a short time four coast guard cutters were on the way.

Medical assistance was sent to the Beta aboard the destroyer Henley and the seagoing tug Gresham was sent to take the tanker in tow if possible. This, it was believed, would be a difficult task because of the condition of the Beta’s bow.

The Beta left New York Friday in ballast for Baytown, Texas.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 12 Nov 1927