Brownsville, NY block fire, Nov 1905


Damage Is $180,000 - Fireman Almost Buried Under Load of Coal.

The second big fire within the last six months in Brownsville, the Jewish settlement of East New York, took place yesterday morning, when an entire block on Vesta Avenue, between Pitkin and Belmont, was destroyed. The damage was $180,000. It required three hours' hard work on the part of the firemen to check the blaze.

Policeman Busick of the Liberty Avenue Station discovered the fire in a lumber mill. He immediately turned in an alarm and then aroused the tenants in the adjoining buildings. The firemen confined the blaze to the block on which the lumber mill stood. In addition to this several frame dwellings were destroyed.

While the coal supply wagon of the Fire Department was turning into East New York Avenue it capsized, and the two firemen who were on the seat of the wagon were almost buried under the pile of coal, but escaped without injury.

The New York Times, New York, NY 28 Nov 1905