New York City, NY Plane Crash, Nov 1945


New York, Nov. 21 (AP) -- Police searched the Hudson river again today for the fuselage of a twin-engine private plane which crashed into the Hudson river late Monday, finding the legless body of an unidentified man "apparently from a plane crash two days ago."
The body was found along the Hudson's east bank a few miles above where the plane crashed. On the body was a white shirt with a laundry mark "HUR." Police grappling for the plane's metal fuselage, believed stuck in the river's muddy bottom with some of its four passengers, reported finding several parts of the ship.
A plane's radio aerial was found near midstream. Last night police from Edgewater, N.J. pulled up a portion of a wing. New York police already had found several seat cushions and part of an instrument panel, and a brief case identified as belonging to one of the men reported aboard.
A spokesman for Continental Industries, Inc., owners of the plane, said those aboard the plane were believed to include CHESTER A. BOLLES, forty-four, board chairman of Continental; ANDREW H. BLISS, a Pittsburgh financial consultant; WALTER H. HURLEY, a New York auditor, and the plane's pilot, JEROME CASPER, twenty-six, a former army air forces captain who had completed fifty-one missions over enemy territory.

Salamanca Republican Press New York 1945-11-21