Albany, NY Storm and Flood, Nov 1869

ALBANY, N. Y., Oct. 4.---A large portion of the Hudson River Railroad at Castleton is carried away. The storm has caused great damage in this city by the tearing up of pavements, bursting of sewers, &c. The city loses at a low estimate, $50,000. In many streets the water was forced into cellars and basements, doing great damage. Buildings unfinished were flooded and the work destroyed. Messrs. Mount & Burnap, grocers, on the corner of Dove and State streets, suffered damage by the flooding of their basement. A sewer in Elk street gave way while a horse and wagon, with three persons in the latter, were passing over it, and they were all precipitated ten feet into the sewer. One of the party, a boy named PETER JONES, was, it said, fatally injured. A brick stable, erected in Hudson street by JOHN EBEL, is so badly damaged that it will have to be demolished. A land slide occurred on the Susquehanna Railroad, near Normanskill, and a culvert was carried away near Esperance. A bad break had occurred on the four-mile level, Erie Canal, and part of the aqueduct has been carried away at Hoffman's Ferry. The river commenced rising at an early hour, and has continued all day. The water, this evening, was over the dock and it is still rising.

The New York Times, New York, NY 10 Oct 1869