Elmira, NY Elmira Gazette Fire, Mar 1888

Another One.

Elmira, N. Y., March 10. – The explosion of a lamp in the press room of the Elmira Gazette at 8 o’clock yesterday evening, followed by the ignition and explosion of a can of benzine, which stood near, caused flames to spread quickly throughout the room, which was in the basement of the building. The pressman and his assistants escaped to the street and gave the alarm. When the firemen arrived the lower part of the building was all afire, and the flames were rushing up the elevator shaft. The progress of the fire was not checked until the basement and the first floor were entirely ruined, and the second and third floors badly damaged.

The building and contents were also greatly damaged by water. The jobbing department was in the rear of the second floor, and D. C. ROBINSON, POSTMASTER BABCOCK and HARRY M. CLARKE had law offices in the front. They lost their effects. The composing, editorial and telegraph rooms were on the third floor, and their contents were ruined. The store next door to No. 103 Lake street, occupied by Wagner & Wolfe, stoves and hardware, was badly damaged by smoke and water. The Gazette was formerly owned by GOVERNOR HILL, and is regarded as his organ, though he is understood to have no financial interest in it now.

The building was valued at $10,000, and the plants $20,000. COL. ROBINSON’s loss on law library is $6,000, Babbock & Clark lose about $4,000, and Wagner & Wolfe $3,500. The Elmira Tiding, which was burned out three weeks ago, was working its forms on the Gazette presses. It loses the forms and paper for this week’s issue.

The Ohio Democrat, New Philadelphia, OH 15 Mar 1888