Buffalo, NY Clarendon Hotel Fire, Nov 1860

Hotels burnt — loss of Life.

Buffalo, N. Y., Nov. 10.--A fire broke out at one o'clock this morning in the kitchen of the Clarendon Hotel, and rapidly spreading, destroyed the main building situated on the corner of Main and South Division streets, and the wing extending through to Washington street. The wing on South Division street was saved.

H. Q. Chamberlain, oyster dealer, jumped from the fourth story and was almost instantly killed. Mr. Carland, of the firm of Carland & Beirne, clothiers, was burned to death. The building was owned by Orson Phelps, and valued at $90,000, upon which there is an insurance of $40,000 in New York and New England companies. The furniture, owned by Mr. Hodges, of the American Hotel, and Mr. Bickford, proprietor of the Clarendon, was mostly destroyed. Loss on furniture about $9,000; fully insured. Mr. H. Peabody, druggist, loses about $3,000 above his insurance.-- Minor losses will make the total loss not far from $120,000, upon which there is an insurance of $30,000. There was a heavy rain falling at the time, which prevented the fire from spreading beyond the building. It is rumored that four servant girls are lost, and it is thought that many strangers may have perished also. One man, in the fourth story, raised a window and exclaimed that he was a stranger and could not find the way out and couldn't live another minute in his room, and begged the crowd to save him. He was not seen again.

The Daily Dispatch, Richmond, VA 12 Nov 1860