Brooklyn, NY Electricity Accident on Elevated Train Line, Nov 1903


Telephone Lineman Shocked and Burned to Death on the Brooklyn Elevated Railroad.

Another “third rail” tragedy occurred on the Brooklyn Elevated Railroad late yesterday afternoon, the victim being a telephone lineman, who was shocked and burned to death by falling across the rail. The accident happened at Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues, to FELIX HENDRICKSON, thirty-five years old, of 58 Third Street, Brooklyn, employed by the New York and New Jersey Telephone Company.

Hendrickson was at work repairing wires strung on the elevated structure. He was walking along the tracks when he stumbled and fell across the third rail, his body also coming in contact with another rail. He lay without movement where he had fallen. A newsboy in the square below saw the man fall and called a policeman. The officer climbed up one of the pillars of the structure and made his way along the track to Hendrickson. He was about to pick the man up when people in the crowd which had gathered below yelled to him:
“Look out! Don’t touch him. You’ll be killed.”

The policeman hesitated, then got a strip of wood which chanced to be lying near by, and with this lifted Hendrickson from the rail. In the meantime some one had telephoned to the power house and the electric current was shut off.

Hendrickson was carried to the Flatbush Avenue Station of the road, a short distance away, where an ambulance surgeon pronounced him dead. The man had been terribly burned about the face and chest. The accident caused a delay of about half an hour to traffic on the line.

The New York Times, New York, NY 21 Nov 1903