Brooklyn, NY Tenement Fire, Nov 1958


New York (AP) -- A fire small enough to be snuffed out by a hand extinguisher was sufficiently
potent to take the lives of five children left unattended for half an hour.
The scene of the tragedy yesterday was a top floor apartment in a rickety, four-story Brooklyn tenement.
Authorities said the children -- the oldest was 4, the youngest 9 months -- apparently burned pieces of paper on a hot plate in the living room and in some way set a couch smouldering. Otherwise, the apartment was undamaged.
MRS. WILLIAM LOVELACE, 22 and seven months pregnant, had left the children, four of them hers and the fifth a neighbor's to shop for food. She returned to find them dead or near death from suffocation.
The woman's screams brought neighbors and then firemen and police who struggled in vain to revive the infants. MRS. LOVELACE was hospitalized for shock.
Dead are KAREN LOVELACE, 2; her brothers BARRY, 9 months, WILLIAM, JR., 4, and CALVIN, 3; and RONALD HALL, also 2. KAREN
still alive when firemen arrived, died soon after she and her mother were taken to Cumberland Hospital.

Syracuse Herald Journal New York 1958-11-21