Sherburne, NY Boiler Explosion, Jan 1886


Deposit, N.Y., Jan. 26. -- A terrible boiler explosion
by which two persons were killed and one fatally injured, occurred on the farm of PALMER NEWTON, in Sherburne, this county, on Saturday.
MR. NEWTON was absent in the West with one of his sons, and RUSSELL PALMER, a prominent farmer of the town, was superintending the running of his hay press during his absence, NEWTON being an extensive baler of hay. Among those assisting MR. PALMER were CHARLES NEWTON,
aged 14, and the youngest son of the absent farmer; MARK SALEY and his son HERMAN. The press was in a large barn, and was run by a portable steam engine. The engine had been running but a short time when the boiler exploded. Pieces of iron were hurled in every direction. One struck RUSSELL PALMER in the head, killing him instantly. Another piece, weighing 150 pounds, fell on CHARLES NEWTON, crushing him to death. HERMAN SALEY, who was standing by his father's side, was knocked down by another piece. His right leg was broken, and he was so badly hurt
about the head that at last accounts it was thought he could not live. Two or three others were injured.
The hay caught fire, and before the dead and injured could be removed to the farm house and help arrived the flames had made such progress that the large barn and other out-buildings were consumed, with their contents.
A valuable horse belonging to MARK SALEY was in one of the barns. Two Alderney cows and a blooded bull were burned up in the other. Twelve hogs were also consumed. The barns were filled with hay and grain. RUSSELL PALMER leaves a widow and two children. He was 40 years old.

The New York Times New York 1886-01-27