New York City, Shipping Accident, Jan 1966


New York (AP) -- Two tugboats and a small tanker collided in the harbor Wednesday, sinking one of the tugs and dumping its crew into the bitter cold water. Four men were missing.
The Coast Guard at first reported that only the 264-foot coastal tanker "MORANIA MARLIN" and the tug "PATRICIA MORAN" were involved.
But later it said a Coast Guard investigating team had learned the tug "DIANA MORAN" also figured in the accident.
All of the missing were from the "PATRICIA MORAN," which went to the bottom. Six crewmen from the same tug were rescued. Both vessels are owned by the Moran Towing Co.
A Coast Guard Spokesman said full details of the collision still were not known. The "DIANA MORAN" suffered only minor damage.
The temperature at the time of the collision was about 15 degrees.
The "MORANIA MARLIN" and the "PATRICIA MORAN" collided at 6:20 a.m. in the Kill Van Kull, a narrow strait between Staten Island and Bayonne, N.J.
The bow of the 1,056-gross-ton tanker was stove in and she went to the Cordell Shipyard on Staten Island.

The Oneonta Star New York 1966-01-13


Reply to Phyllis Morton Jividen

Phyllis - Thank you so much for making your comment and I'm sorry for your loss. My uncle Tommy Ryan was one of the men in the boiler room and miraculously survived. He had, and I now have, a print of the Patricia Moran in my home to remember and honor those with whom my uncle worked.

Morania Marlin

I posted a video titled Morania Marlin on the Rondout Creek circa 1959 on Youtube. You search for it by that title or here is the link.

sinking of the Patricia Moran 1966

My father was also killed in this accident, his was the chief engineer. His body was found Jan. 12, 1966, his name was William ( Bill ) Morton. We were told that He had finished his watch and was in his room when the collision happened. There were two men still in the boiler room. There are news paper articles about the accident that you can look up. We were advised by our lawyer to settle out of court. Moran didn't lose any sleep over the amount!

Reply to Ruth

Ruth - My truly deepest condolences to you on the loss of your father in that tragic accident. My uncle, Tommy Ryan, was in the same accident and was one of the men who survived. I have periodically searched for more details and have come up empty.

My best to you on your search...and I will continue to search as well.

The sinking of Patricia Moran in January 1966`

My father was on that tug boat when it sank. His body was found in April of 1966. Would like more on the story. His name was Gotfred Nilsen