New York City, NY Steam Boiler Explosion, Sep 1830


The boiler of the steam engine, in the Iron Foundry of MR. ROBERT M'QUEEN, at the corner of Duane and Cross streets, New York, exploded a little after five o'clock, on the 23d ult., and caused the destruction of some lives. The engine was placed at the end of the building fronting on Cross street, which was entirely demolished to the extent of 30 or 40 feet, nothing of that part of the fabric remaining but the front wall on Duane street. The roof was blown almost entire some feet into the air, and in its fall precipitated every thing in its way into a mass of ruins. The shock was so great as to be sensibly felt in the houses in Chatham street. It was reported that there were twelve or fifteen men at work in this section of the building, when the accident occurred, and fears were entertained that some of them were buried in the ruins.
The only deaths ascertained Friday evening, were MR. JOHN KOYLE, the engineer, and a man named JOHN DEVINE, a native of Londonderry. The latter was killed in the street near the building.
A piece of the boiler weighing about 300 pounds, struck and broke in about 7 or 8 feet square of the 2d story of a frame dwelling opposite in Cross street. The apartment which was thus forced, was usually occupied by the family, but it fortunately happened that there was no one in at the moment.
It was said one or two other small houses in the same street were slightly injured.

The Adams Sentinel Gettysburg Pennsylvania 1830-10-05