Red Creek, NY Train Wreck, Mar 1890


Three Brothers Killed by Cars at Red Creek, New York.

BINGHAMPTON, N. Y., March 28. -- The men killed by Erie train No. 14 at Red Creek Wednesday night were three brothers named respectively DIEDRICK, JOHN and HENRY BAKESLEY. They were all from New York, the latter two having been in the employ of HENRY EGGERT, wholesale grocers, corner of Duane and Greenwich streets.

On the 30th of last December, HENRY suddenly disappeared after having been last seen in a saloon situated on the corner of South Fifth avenue and Bleecker street. After an unsuccessful search by the police of New York, Jersey City, Hoboken and Brooklyn for their missing brother, DIEDRICK and JOHN resigned their positions and themselves took up the quest. They discovered HENRY somewhere in the west, and were returning to New York with him when they were struck by the train and killed. Death was in each case instantaneous, the bodies being horribly mangled.

Newark Daily Advocate Ohio 1890-03-28