New York, NY Firetruck Wreck, May 1906


Engine Breaks Down and Hook and Ladder Hits a Car.

In going to a small fire in the rear of the Hotel Rutland, at Fifty-seventh Street and Broadway, yesterday afternoon, an engine company and a fire truck came to grief. Engine Company No. 54 lost a wheel at the corner of Fifty-sixth Street and Eighth Avenue, and Hook and Ladder Company No. 21 struck a southbound surface car at the same point. No one was injured in either accident.

The engine company was the first to meet with misfortune. While going up Eighth Avenue at a good rate of speed the off front wheel jolted into a deep hole in the asphalt pavement with such force as to snap the axle. Driver Ernest Shields stopped his horses within a few feet. The freed wheel went spinning for some yards till it flopped over in the gutter.

A few seconds after the engine was put out of commission the truck, in making the turn from Eighth Avenue into Fifty-sixth Street, struck a car. Some windows were smashed and the passengers dodged flying glass.

The New York Times, New York, NY 9 May 1906