Silver Creek, NY Steamer ERIE Fire, Aug 1841 - List of Dead

We annex a list of the lost and saved, so far as we have been able to ascertain.


W M Camp, Harrisburg, Pa; Willet Weeks, Brooklyn; John C. Pool, N Y City; E S Cobb, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Otto Torr, wife and 3 children, N Y; Lloyd Gilson, clerk; Mr. Joles, steward of the boat; Mrs. Giles Williams, Chicago; Charles J. Lynde, Milwaukee; Watts S. Lynde, Homer, N Y; Mrs. Wm H Smith and child, Schenectady; A. Sears, Philip Barber, Henry Weaver, Wm Thomas, _____Evarts, Peter Finney, painters, Buffalo in the employ of W. G. Miller, Miss A Miller, sister of W. G. Miller, Buffalo; J. D Woodward, N Y; Wm Griffin, Miss.; D S Sloane, Geneva; F Stow, Canada; Wm. Sackett, Mich.; Mrs. Spencer and two children, Mrs. Dow, Mrs. Robinson, Balston Spa, N Y; C. S. Mather, Mt Clemens, Michigan; Miss Robinson, Balston Spa; Miss King do [Balston Spa], Mr. Moor, lady and two children, from Yates Co. moving to Michigan; Orin Green Rushville, Yates Co. N Y; Romeo Button, from near Fort Plain.

List of Swiss passengers shipped by Messrs. P. L. Parsons & Co. amounted to 86 as given by the Buffalo Advertiser.

Names, Number, Destination.
Geo Zuggler & family, 6, Akron, O.
John Flang & family, 6, Akron, O.
Martin Zulgen& family, 2, Akron, O.
George Rettenger & family, 3, Akron, O.
George Christian & family, 5, Akron, O.
George Neigold & family, 7 1/2, Akron, O.
M. Reibold & family, 3, Akron, O.
George Steinman & family, 2, Akron, O.
Peter Kling & family, 2, Akron, O.
Peter Schmidt, 1, Akron, O.
John Netzel, 1, Akron, O.
Peter Schneider & family, 5, Cleveland, O.
J. Newminger & family, 4, Cleveland, O.
S. Schapler & family, 5 1/2, Cleveland, O.
R. Filing & family, 2, Cleveland, O.
Mr. Obens, 1, Dover, O.
C. Durler, 1, Dover, O.
Mr. Lithhold & family, 5 1/2, Dover, O.
O. Deitcherick & family, 2, Dover, O.
C. Wilbur & family, 6, Dover, O.
C. Palmer & family, 5, Massillon, O.
J. Garghum & family, 5 1/2, Massillon, O.
J. Mulliman & family, 3, Massillon, O.
C. Kellerman, 1, Chicago, Ill.
C. Mintch, 2, and friend

Mintch was recently from Europe, and left his family in this city. He was on his way west to secure land for ultimate settlement. This list comprises names of 87 persons: and as it is customary to pass children at half price, the whole number on this list must have reached one hundred souls. Only four persons of the whole, including Durler and three others, whose names we could not learn, were saved.


The following persons may be also added to those lost:

Mr. Miltemore and wife, dentist, of Chicago.
Von Ockerman, a German, tinner, late in the employ of Mr. Hubbard, who was on a visit to his mother, near Erie.
Mr. Sherman and daughter, Hamburg, Erie county.
Mr. Nelthrope, a Danish gentleman.
Henry Freeman, on his way to Milwaukee, clerk of a drugstore, formerly of Jamestown, Chautauque county.
Ansel Ricker, young man, farmer, formerly of Hamburg, Erie. county.
John Harrington, late of White’s Corners, Erie co. entered as fireman on the day she left port.
Luther Fuller, wheelsman.
Wm Cheats, waiter, colored.
Wm Winters, colored.
James Read, colored.
Robert Smith, head cook, colored.
Henry Vosburgh, 2d head cook, colored.
David Mills, 3d head cook, colored.
Israel Vosburgh, porter, colored.
Wm. Sparks, 2d porter, colored.
Doctor Hackett Thompsonian physician, of Lockport.

The Milwaukee Sentinel, Milwaukee, WI 17 Aug 1841