Brooklyn, NY Building Fire, Jan 1880


An old rickety three-story frame building at the corner of Meserole Street and Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn, was discovered to be on fire about 7 o'clock yesterday morning. The Fire Department of the Eastern District quickly responded to an alarm sent out from a box near the burning building. The flames were extinguished in a few minutes, and District Engineer Smith was about to order the withdrawal of the hose when the front wall of the house fell in. The firemen on the ladders were thrown violently to the ground, and six of them were seriously injured.

JOHN BROADHURST, of Engine No. 18, received an injury to his spine and was otherwise bruised about the body. He was taken to his home, at No. 290 Powers Street.
Assistant Chief Engineer GEORGE FROST had his arm broken.
AUGUST FENT, of Engine No. 16, had one of his arms broken, and was injured about the body.
JOHN W. RALPH, of Engine No. 12, had a leg broken and one of his ankles badly injured.
GEORGE KEIGHLER, of Truck No. 4, was hurt on the head, back, and body. He was taken to his home at No. 147 Powers Street.
WILLIAM BALDWIN, fireman of Engine No. 16, was more severely hurt than the others. He was injured on the head, back, and body, and was taken to St. Catherine's Hospital. It is not believed that any of the men are fatally injured. The loss on the building and contents was less than $2,000. The cause of the fire is not known.

New York Times New York 1880-01-15