Hayneville, NY Distillery Fire, Oct 1855



From the Hayneville Chronicle, Oct. 22.
We are deeply pained to record the most destructive fire which has ever visited our town. The fire broke out on yesterday morning about 5 o'clock, in the planing-room of MATHER, ROBINSON & Co.'s Gin and Mill Factory, on the south side of the workshop. It is supposed to have originated from the carelessness of some of the negro workmen, who had been at work late the preceding night. The flames spread very rapidly -- soon after the fire was discovered the whole workshop was in a blaze, and spread over the street to MRS. HARRIS' dwelling-house, which was consumed with all the out-houses. MRS. HARRIS, however, saved her furniture. To add to the embarrassment no water could be obtained, or not enough to do any good; the few wells in the neighborhood were soon bailed out. The fire then spread to the lumber and finishing room belonging to the Factory, in which were stored a number of Gins and Mills, and a large quantity of lumber, all of which were entirely consumed except five unfinished Gins. In fact, everything was consumed in the shop, and adjoining buildings, except the books, papers, and office furniture.
It was with great difficulty that the Watchman Office and the Tremont House were saved, and they could not have been saved with every exertion, had it not been for the rain.
The loss of MESSRS. MATHER, ROBINSON & Co. is but little, if any, short of twenty-five thousand dollars, without, we learn, any insurance. This is a severe loss on these enterprising men, who have added more to the building up and prosperity of our village than any others. The destruction of the factory is also a heavy loss to our whole community. The mill run by their engine supplied the town and neighborhood with meal.

New York Times New York 1855-10-30