Cambridge, NY Train Wreck, Mar 1873


Two Men Killed and Eleven Wounded Near Cambridge, N. Y.

Special Dispatch to the New-York Times.

CAMBRIDGE, N. Y., March 30.----The New York and Montreal express-train, on the Rensselaer and Saratoga Railroad, consisting of an engine, and express passenger and one of Wagner's sleeping cars ran off the track about two and a half miles north of this village, about 11½ o'clock last evening. Two persons were killed and eleven wounded. The accident happened upon a high embankment, and was caused by the track being upheaved by the frost. The engine went off the right side of the track down a steep embankment, a distance of about fifty feet, and rolled once and a half over, completely demolishing it and instantly killing Frederick Downs, of Salem, N. Y., who was upon the engine, and Patrick Monahan, the fireman. The rest of the train ran off on the left side of the embankment, the cars striking on their ends and sides. The passengers wounded were:

Dr. S. S. Fitch, of New York City, fatally.
Henry Connors, the engineer of the train, probably fatally.
M. Fairchilds, of Salem, scalp-wound and head severely injured.
John W. Jurdon, Saratoga Springs, in the head; seriously.
G. M. Gates, Saratoga, in the head; seriously.
L. A. Harris, Poultney, Vt., head badly cut.
Robert Wallace, baggageman, in the head; severely.
Joseph Houston, sleeping-car porter, several scalp wounds.
Philip La Furbere, Plattsburg, N. Y., head and feet cut.
G. D. Durrer, Lafayette, Ind., face bruised and feet cut.
John Ryan, Rutland, Vt., badly bruised.

The wounded were conveyed to Salem, except Dr. Fitch, who was brought to this village.

The New York Times, New York, NY 31 Mar 1873