New York, NY Fire Jan 1860

Jan 6, 1860

GREAT FIRE IN NEW YORK.---In New York, this day, about a quarter before five o'clock, a fire broke out in the extensive looking-glass and picture-frame manufactory of Black, Gramm & Co., on Beckman Street, between William and Gold. The insurance patrol were promptly on the spot; but the flames had then made such headway that their efforts to check them were unavailing. The fire spread with great rapidity, and the whole building was soon enveloped in flames. The alarm was sounded for the Seventh and Eighth Districts, and an army of firemen were soon upon the ground. The cold was intense, about 4º above zero; but fortunately the hydrants were not frozen, and a dozen streams were playing on the fire in a few minutes.

The flames spread from the starting-point to the buildings on the right and left, and, before they could be checked, had destroyed the large stores occupied by Cyrus W. Field & Co., paper-dealers; Buckley & Brothers, paper-dealers; and Haydock, druggist; besides the establishment of Black, Gramm & Co. These buildings ran through to Ann Street, and were stored with goods from cellar to attic. Little or nothing was saved.

The store of Mr. Edrehi, perfumer, was destroyed, and the iron-pipe manufactory of Nason & Dodge, on Ann Street, was greatly damaged. The Second District Station-House, and other buildings in the neighborhood, were saved with difficulity.

The fire, crossing Ann Street, caught upon the rear of the building (fronting on Fulton Street) occupied by G. A. Prince & Co., melodeon manufacturers, and A. Weingartner, lithographer, and others, and nearly destroyed the premises. Other buildings on the right and left were slightly injured. At this point the fire was checked.

The entire loss is not far from $500,000, a large part of which is covered by insurance in various companies.

At an early stage of the fire, a rear wall on Ann Street fell with a tremendous crash, and buried No. 5's engine in the ruins. The men who were working the machine saw the wall tottering, and barely escaped with their lives.

Vincent's Semi-annual United States Register, Jan-Jun 1860 page 19