Angola, NY (Lake Erie) Propeller DACOTAH Wreck, Nov 1860


From the Buffalo Commercial we gather the following particulars of the wreck of the propeller Dacotah:
This ill-fated vessel is supposed to have struck on Saturday night at 9 o'clock. She was first discovered on Monday morning, by Mr. Bennett, opposite his house, one mile above Sturgeon Bay.
At 9 o'clock the night before, Mr. and Mrs. Bennett and their son heard amidst the howling of the tempest, the voice of some one hallooing apparently in distress. They went out and searched in vain for some one, for an hour. The next morning Mrs. Bennett was so convinced that she heard some one hallooing in distress from the beach, that she sent her son to look, and he found the wreck.
The vessel apparently broke up outside, by striking a reef, as one-half of the entire bottom was landed high and dry on the beach all perfect.
The debris of the wreck and cargo are strewn for miles along the beach. The bones of three men have been found, and are in charge of the coroner, A. Dewey, of Evans Centre. Two of them have been identified as BARTHOLOMEW MACOAMRA, deck hand and EDWARD KENNEDY, watchman. The other man could not be identified. The life boat is on the beach, nearly perfect, and it may be that some one reached the shore alive in her, and perished before reaching the dwelling. An examination is taking place to discover if this is so. There is two feet of snow on the level at Evans' Centre. Some portions of the wreck are hanging off in the lake, apparently hung by the machinery and anchors. Captain Thomas, of the board of underwriters, and captains Collins and Gaylord, were left in charge of the wreck and cargo by Capt. Dorr, and did all they could, in co-operation with the coroner, to recover the bodies and forward them to their friends. It was a sad sight to see those bodies saved -- froze stark and stiff, with the red color of life still in their cheeks.
Poor sailors, their last work is done. God help the poor, bereaved ones left behind.

Janesville Daily Gazette Wisconsin 1860-12-01