Carthage, NY Auto Wrecks, Apr 1931

Eight Killed in Two Auto Mishaps

Carthage, N. Y., April 27 (AP).---St. Regis Canal, at "Skinny" Bridge three miles west of here, was being drained today in an effort to recover the bodies of four men, who lost their lives in one of two automobile accidents fatal to eight persons in this vicinity over the week-end.

The body of James Kenyon, 40, of Watertown, was recovered yesterday. The automobile in which were Kenyon, Charles Young, 47, and William Brown, 40, of Watertown, and two unidentified men, crashed through the guard rails of the narrow bridge Saturday night and dropped into 30 feet of water.

Edgar Adrian of Deferiet, N.Y., told authorities he was following the Kenyon automobile and it was zig-zagging on the highway before it crashed through the bridge guard-rails.

Three young people, returning home in a rumble seat of a roadster, from a dance, were killed almost instantly and the driver, Floyd Reuroth, 19, of Deer River, N. Y., was injured seriously in an accident on the Carthage-Natural Bridge highway near the village limits early Sunday morning. Miss Marion Steinberg, 22, of Defereiet, who was riding in the seat with Neuroth, was not hurt.

The dead were Miss Elizabeth Fahsel, 21; Thomas Johnson, 21, and Kenneth Johnson, 19, of West Carthage. Miss Steinbgerg said Neuroth lost control of the machine which was going at a moderate rate of speed. It ran into a ditch before overturning.

Neuroth was said to be in a serious condition at a Watertown hospital.

Kingston Daily Freeman, Kingston, NY 27 Apr 1931