Syracuse, NY Garage Fire, Aug 1957

Boy, 9, Flees Garage Fire With Brother

A West Side man tossed a burning mattress out a third-floor window early yesterday. The mattress landed on a roof and started another fire.

In a second blaze, a small boy grabbed his infant brother and fled from a burning garage.

The West Sider, David Earle, 214 N. West St., threw the mattress out the window after it caught fire. He told firemen he believed the fire in the mattress went out. But it didn't.

Later, the roof was ablaze. Firemen were called to extinguish the burning roof.

In the second fire, Richard Farrington, 9, of 212 Craddock St., said he was trying to start an outboard motor in the garage while his 16 month old brother, Mark, was watching. The motor overturned, spilling gas and igniting it.

The older boy grabbed his brother and fled. Firemen were called by neighbors. The fire charred the garage's interior and part of the roof.

Syracuse Herald Journal, Syracuse, NY 26 Aug 1957