Long Island, NY Locomotive Explosion, Apr 1892


Long Island, April 6. -- At about 9:30 o'clock this morning a fearful accident occurred in the yard of the Long Island railroad here. Engine No. 46 while standing near the shops suddenly blew up with a tremendous report. Eight men were injured and several of them it is thought fatally. The men injured were picked up and carried into the shops where they were attended by a half dozen physicians. The railroad company refuses to give any information.
Five were fatally injured:
JAMES KLINE, conductor of the gravel train, to which the engine was attached.
ANDREW WALKER, engineer.
JOHN LAFFEY, water boy.
JAMES LOSH, a brakeman.
The two latter are expected to die momentarily. No one has yet been able to tell the real story of the explosion, but from the appearances the locomotive firebox exploded downward, blowing out the furnace door. Hot coal and steam covered the five men in the cab and they were thrown in all directions.

Hutchinson News Kansas 1892-04-06