Blissville, Long Island NY Railroad Accident, Aug 1873


At 4:30 o'clock yesterday a number of freight-cars which were used by the South-side Railroad Company for dumping purposes, near Blissville, Long Island, were thrown from the track by a hog which was lying across one of the rails. JOHN MAGEE, the conductor, a resident of Flushing, immediately attempted to escape by jumping from one of the wagons as it fell, but was caught under it and instantly killed, his body being terribly mutilated. Two of the cars were completely wrecked, and two men, JOHN DOLAN and JAMES CURRAN, were severely injured. DR. DENNLER, who was at once summoned to the spot, states that CURRAN is injured internally, but that he will recover. The body of the conductor, MAGEE, was conveyed to a neighboring undertaker's, where an inquest will be held. The blame in this case rests entirely upon the owner of the hog, for allowing it to be at large in direct violation of the city ordinance.

The New York Times New York 1873-08-23