Centre Moriches, Long Island NY Drowning Accident, Aug 1873


Ever since the lamentable accident at Centre Moriches, on Tuesday last, when MESSRS. ROWE and KEILLER were drowned, the fishermen and others living in the neighborhood have been untiring in their efforts to find the bodies. Three kind-hearted residents, JUNE BISHOP, DANIEL MURDOCK, and WALLACE JONES, who have generously sacrificed much time and labor in the search, on Friday morning, at about 8:30 o'clock, found the remains of MR. KEILLER on the beach near Patchogue, sixteen miles from where he was lost. It was evident from the condition of the body that MR. KEILLER had been seized with cramp, as the knees were drawn up to the chin, and the arms were also rigid and drawn inward. The remains were taken to Moriches, and Justice of the Peace CLARK and DR. JARVIS held an inquest. The verdict, of course, was accidental death by drowning, and the body was then given in charge of MR. KEILLER'S brother and a gentleman connected with the Brooklyn Union, who paid the fisherman a reward that had been offered for its recovery. It was brought to Brooklyn yesterday morning. Yesterday at noon a telegram was received from Capt. J. E. HOLDEN announcing that MR. ROWE'S body had also been found at Patchogue. No particulars were given, and MR. ROWE'S two brothers and a representative of The Times started for Patchogue in the 4:10 P. M. train to bring the body back. They will probably return on Monday morning. At the time MR. KEILLER'S body was found the remains of an unknown man and woman were also recovered. They were not recognized, and were buried soon after, being much decomposed. The man appeared to have been a sailor.

The New York Times New York 1873-08-24