New Rochelle, NY Boy Nearly Drowns Saving Dog, Jul 1911


Boy Carried Into Deep Water and Rescued with His Pet Just In Time.

Special to The New York Times.

NEW ROCHELLE, N. Y., July 7.---Ten year old Stephen Perry nearly lost his life in Echo Bay in an effort to save his pet bulldog from drowning this afternoon. Both were exhausted when they were pulled upon the rocks of Hudson Park.

Stephen was throwing sticks into the water for the dog to bring back. On one trip the dog grabbed a long pole, mistaking it for the stick, and struggled to bring it ashore. In his efforts he was submerged several times and swallowed some salt water. He choked and began to sink, but would not let go of the pole. The boy jumped in with his clothes on and tried to make the dog loose his hold. He struggled with the animal for ten minutes, while a crowd of several hundred bathers looked on and applauded.

When both the boy and dog had been carried into deep water by the tide and were going down Camile Degot, a member of the New Rochelle Rowing Club, swam out and rescued the boy. Thomas Brady, Frank Noel, and Charles Howe, members of the New Rochelle Life Saving Corps, went after the dog and had to hold him under and nearly drown him before he could be pried loose from the pole and be brought ashore.

The New York Times, New York, NY 8 Jul 1911