Roslyn, NY Roslyn Highlands Hotel Fire, Jul 1911


Manager of the Highlands at Roslyn Saved Just In Time.

ROSLYN, L. I., July 7.--Walter Deni, proprietor of the Arlington Inn, sat on his veranda with some friends early today and noticed smoke drifting through the windows of the Roslyn Highlands Hotel across the way. They knew that it was unoccupied save by Frank Kenny, the manager, who slept on one of the upper floors.

Hurrying over to the burning hotel, they were unsuccessful in getting response to their calls and broke in the barroom door. Fighting their way through the smoke, they found Kenny in his room completely overcome. They got him out with difficulty, and it was some time before he was brought to consciousness. The hotel was destroyed, with the loss estimated at $10,000.

The New York Times, New York, NY 8 Jul 1911