New Rochelle, NY Four Saved From Drowning at Wild Cliffe Beach, Jul 1911


Exciting Day at Wild Cliffe Beach for Bathers and Spectators.

Special to The New York Times.

NEW ROCHELLE, N. Y., July 6.--Four persons were rescued from drowning in Echo Bay, off Hudson Park, this afternoon. Jacob Stone of Main Street, New Rochelle, slipped off a cork life preserver on which he was trying to swim off the Wild Cliffe beach, which adjoins Hudson Park, and sank. The accident was witnessed by 800 bathers. Perry Horton, a life saver, rowed out to him. The drowning man grabbed him by the neck and pulled him in. The two fought until they were both rescued by other bathers.

George Luhman, an athlete of Dartmouth College, rescued Anthony Farr of West New Rochelle, who, not knowing that the tide had risen, jumped off the float where he had been nearly all the afternoon. He could not swim, and nearly dragged Luhman under. Luhman gave him a knockout blow on the point of the jaw, and the man was taken ashore unconscious and revived.

A few minutes after Farr was rescued John Sarino of Yonkers slipped off the float while it was being rocked by a crowd of boys and girls. He came up under the float was was found nearly drowned by John Morgan, a member of the New Rochelle Life Saving Corps, who pulled him out.

Mary Morrissey, 6 years old, of the Bronx, was playing tag with some other chilren{sic} on the rocks near the beach and fell into the water near the spot where Waldorf Miller dived and broke his neck on Monday night. She was rescued by Julian Diaz, a member of the New Rochelle Rowing Club.

Miller has shown slight improvement today, but the physicians at the New Rochelle Hospital say his chances for life are exceedingly slight.

The New York Times, New York, NY 7 Jul 1911